The kitchen is one of the MOST important rooms in the house (in my opinion). Just think about how much time you and your families spend in this space. Think about how much work and time is dedicated to this space EVERY day. Not just every day, but also during hosted events and holidays. Ah, Holidays! 


So why not make this space everything you want it to be and MORE. Kitchen remodels are by far my favorite remodel project. When I remodel kitchens, we start from the very beginning. I ask questions to learn more about you or your family functions in the kitchen. Who is the cook? What are the most important features for your kitchen? Do you want a gas stove or electric? Do you want a decorative vent hood or something more simple? Do you want a pots & pans drawer in your kitchen (the answer is always yes)? How often do you host events? 

 When I do kitchen remodels, the design and concept part of our services is VERY detailed, down to the part number, color and size. There will be so many details for your kitchen renovation, you will need to sign off on all the items. 

Chase Day kitchen remodel service

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